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Publication Icon Publication (2022)

Hybrid improper ferroelectricity: A theoretical, computational and synthetic perspective

N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Annual Review of Materials Research, 52 331 (2022).

Publication Icon Publication (2022)

A strategy to identify materials exhibiting a large nonlinear phononics response: tuning the ultrafast structural response of LaAlO3 with pressure

J. Z. Kaaret, G. Khalsa and N. A. Benedek, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 34 035402 (2022).

Publication Icon Publication (2021)

The influence of the 6s2 configuration of Bi3+ on the structures of A′BiNb2O7 (A′ = Rb, Na, Li) layered perovskite oxides

S. Mallick, G. Khalsa, J. Z. Kaaret, W. Zhang, M. Batuk, A. S. Gibbs, J. Hadermann, P. S. Halasyamani, N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Dalton Transactions, 50 15359 (2021).

Publication Icon Publication (2021)

Understanding mechanisms of thermal expansion in complex oxide thin-films from first principles: role of high-order phonon-strain anharmonicity

E. T. Ritz and N. A. Benedek, Journal of Applied Physics, 130 205106 (2021).

Publication Icon Publication (2021)

Spin-phonon interaction in yttrium-iron garnet

K. S. Olsson, J. Choe, M. Rodriguez-Vega, G. Khalsa, N. A. Benedek, B. Fang, J. Zhou, G. A. Fiete, and X. Li, Physical Review B, 104 L020401 (2021).

Publication Icon Publication (2021)

Ultrafast control of material optical properties via the infrared resonant Raman effect

G. Khalsa, N. A. Benedek and J. Moses, Physical Review X, 11 021067 (2021).

Publication Icon Publication (2020)

Strain game revisited for complex oxide thin films: Substrate-film thermal expansion mismatch in PbTiO3

E. T. Ritz and N. A. Benedek, Physical Review Materials, 4 084110 (2020).

Publication Icon Publication (2020)

Polar Structures of KNdNb2O7 and KNdTa2O7

S. Mallick, A. S. Gibbs, W. Zhang, P. S. Halasyamani, N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Chemistry of Materials, 32 7965 (2020).

Publication Icon Publication (2020)

Complex Structural Phase Transitions of the Hybrid Improper Polar Dion–Jacobson Oxides RbNdM2O7 and CsNdM2O7 (M = Nb, Ta)

T. Zhu, A. S. Gibbs, N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Chemistry of Materials, 32 4340 (2020).

Publication Icon Publication (2019)

Thermal expansion in insulating solids from first principles

E. T. Ritz, S. J. Li and N. A. Benedek, Journal of Applied Physics, 126 171102 (2019). Editor's Pick.

Publication Icon Publication (2018)

Interplay between phonons and anisotropic elasticity drives negative thermal expansion in PbTiO3

E. T. Ritz and N. A. Benedek, Physical Review Letters, 121 255901 (2018).

Publication Icon Publication (2018)

Cation exchange as a mechanism to engineer polarity in layered perovskites

T. Zhu, G. Khalsa, D. M. Havas, A. S. Gibbs, W. Zhang, P. S. Halasyamani, N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Chemistry of Materials, 30 8915 (2018).

Publication Icon Publication (2018)

Ultrafast optically induced ferromagnetic/anti-ferromagnetic phase transition in GdTiO3 from first principles

G. Khalsa and N. A. Benedek, npj Quantum Materials, 3 15 (2018).

Publication Icon Publication (2017)

Theory and neutrons combine to reveal a family of layered perovskites without inversion symmetry

T. Zhu, T. Cohen, A. S. Gibbs, W. Zhang, P. Halasyamani, M. A. Hayward, and N. A. Benedek, Chemistry of Materials, 89 9489 (2017).

Publication Icon Publication (2016)

La2SrCr2O7: Controlling the tilting distortions of n = 2 Ruddlesden-Popper phases through A-site cation order

R. Zhang, B. M. Abbett, G. Read, F. Lang, T. Lancaster, T. T. Tran, P. S. Halasyamani, S. J. Blundell, N. A. Benedek and M. A. Hayward, Inorganic Chemistry, 55 8951 (2016).

Publication Icon Publication (2016)

'Ferroelectric' metals reexamined: Fundamental mechanisms and design considerations for new materials

N. A. Benedek and T. Birol, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4 4000. Featured in the 2016 Emerging Investigators issue.

Publication Icon Publication (2016)

Emergent non-centrosymmetry and piezoelectricity driven by oxygen octahedral rotations in n = 2 Dion-Jacobson phase layer perovskites

M. E. Strayer, A. Sen Gupta, H. Akamatsu, S. Lei, N. A. Benedek, V. Gopalan and T. E. Mallouk, Advanced Functional Materials 26 1930

Publication Icon Publication (2015)

Interplay of octahedral rotations and lone pair ferroelectricity in CsPbF3

E. H. Smith, N. A. Benedek and C. J. Fennie, Inorganic Chemistry, 54 8536

Publication Icon Publication (2015)

Enhancement of ionic transport in complex oxides through soft lattice modes and epitaxial strain

X. Li and N. A. Benedek, Chemistry of Materials, 27 2647

Publication Icon Publication (2015)

Understanding ferroelectricity in layered perovskites: New ideas and insights from theory and experiments

N. A. Benedek, J. M. Rondinelli, H. Djani, P. Ghosez and P. Lightfoot, Dalton Transactions, 44 10543. Invited Perspective article.

Publication Icon Publication (2014)

Origin of ferroelectricity in a family of polar oxides: The Dion-Jacobson phases

N. A. Benedek, Inorganic Chemistry, 53 3769

Publication Icon Publication (2014)

Viewpoint: Polarization that holds steady

N. A. Benedek and M. Stengel, Physics, 7 32.This was an invited commentary on a recent advance in the physics of ferrroelectrics.

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Accelerating functional materials discovery

J. M. Rondinelli, N. A. Benedek, D. E. Freedman, A. Kavner, E. E. Rodriguez, E. S. Toberer and L. W. Martin, American Ceramic Society Bulletin, 92 14

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Exploiting dimensionality and defect mitigation to create tunable microwave dielectrics

C.-H. Lee, N. D. Orloff, T. Birol, Y. Zhu, V. Goian, E. Rocas, R. Haislmaier, E. Vlahos, J. A. Mundy, L. F. Kourkoutis, Y. Nie, M. D. Biegalski, J. Zhang, M. Bernhagen, N. A. Benedek, Y. Kim, J. D. Brock, R. Uecker, X. X. Xi, V. Gopalan, D. Nuzhnyy, S. Kamba, D. A. Muller, I. Takeuchi, J. C. Booth, C. J. Fennie and D. G. Schlom, Nature, 502 532

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Crystal-chemical guide for understanding redox energy variations of M2+/3+ couples in polyanion cathodes for Lithium-ion batteries

A. Gutierrez, N. A. Benedek and A. Manthiram, Chemistry of Materials 25 4010

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Mechanical control of electroresistive switching

Y. Kim, S. J. Kelly, A. Morozovska, E. K. Rahani, E. Strelcov, E. Eliseev, S. Jesse, M. D. Biegalski, N. Balke, N. A. Benedek, D. Strukov, J. Aarts, I. Hwang, S. Oh, J.-S. Choi, T. Choi, B.-H. Park, V. B. Shenoy, P. Maksymovych and S. V. Kalinin, Nano Letters, 13 4068

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Why are there so few perovskite ferroelectrics?

N. A. Benedek and C. J. Fennie, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 13339. Invited Feature article.

Publication Icon Publication (2013)

Turning ABO3 antiferroelectrics into ferroelectrics: Design rules for practical rotation-driven ferroelectricity in double perovskites and A3B2O7 Ruddlesden-Popper compounds

A. T. Mulder, N. A. Benedek, J. M. Rondinelli and C. J. Fennie, Advanced Functional Materials, 23 4810

Publication Icon Publication (2012)

The magnetoelectric effect in transition metal oxides: Insights and the rational design of new materials from first principles

T. Birol*, N.A. Benedek*, H. Das, A. Wysocki, A. T. Mulder, B. M. Abbett, E. H. Smith, S. Ghosh and C. J. Fennie, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 16 227. * Equal contribution.

Publication Icon Publication (2012)

Functional octahedral rotations: a path to new multifunctional materials

N. A. Benedek, A. T. Mulder and C. J. Fennie, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 195 11

Publication Icon Publication (2012)

Grain boundary stoichiometry and interactions with defects in SrTiO3

B. P. Uberuaga, S. Choudhury, X.-M. Bai and N. A. Benedek, Scripta Materialia, 66 105

Publication Icon Publication (2011)

Interface control of emergent ferroic order in Ruddlesden-Popper Srn+1TinO3n+1

T. Birol, N. A. Benedek and C. J. Fennie, Physical Review Letters, 107 257602. Selected as an Editor's Suggestion.

Publication Icon Publication (2011)

Hybrid improper ferroelectricity: A mechanism for controllable polarization-magnetization coupling

N. A. Benedek and C. J. Fennie, Physical Review Letters, 106 107204. Featured as a Viewpoint in Physics.

Publication Icon Publication (2010)

Atomic scale characterization of the SrTiO3 Σ3(112)[-110] grain boundary

K. J. Dudeck, N. A. Benedek, M. W. Finnis and D. J. H. Cockayne, Physical Review B, 81 134109

Publication Icon Publication (2010)

A genetic algorithm for predicting the structures of interfaces in multicomponent systems

A. L. S. Chua, N. A. Benedek, L. Chen, M. W. Finnis and A. P. Sutton, Nature Materials, 9 418-422

Publication Icon Publication (2010)

The structure of grain boundaries in Strontium Titanate: Theory, simulation and electron microscopy

S. von Alfthan, N. A. Benedek, L. Chen, A. L. S. Chua, D. J. H. Cockayne, et al., Annual Review of Materials Research, 40 557-599. Invited review.

Publication Icon Publication (2008)

Interatomic potentials for Strontium Titanate: An assessment of their transferability and comparison with Density Functional Theory

N. A. Benedek, A. L. S. Chua, C. Elsässer, A. P. Sutton and M. W. Finnis, Physical Review B, 78 064110

Publication Icon Publication (2008)

First Principles Investigation of Polarisation at Interfaces in Multilayered Strontium Titanate

N. A. Benedek, C. Elsässer and M. W. Finnis, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 94 012005

Publication Icon Publication (2006)

Density Functional Theory study of hydrogen bonding in ionic molecular materials

N. A. Benedek, K. Latham, I. K. Snook and I. Yarovsky, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110 19605

Publication Icon Publication (2006)

Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the dissociation energy of the water dimer

N. A. Benedek, I. K. Snook, M. D. Towler and R. J. Needs, Journal of Chemical Physics, 125 104302

Publication Icon Publication (2005)

Application of numerical basis sets to hydrogen bonded systems: A Density Functional Theory study

N. A. Benedek, I. K. Snook, K. Latham and I. Yarovsky, Journal of Chemical Physics, 122 144102

Publication Icon Publication (2004)

Quantum Monte Carlo study of water molecule: A preliminary investigation

N. A. Benedek, I. Yarovsky, K. Latham and I. K. Snook, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 57 1229-1232

Publication Icon Publication (2003)

Hydrogen bonding in mixed ligand copper organophosphonates

N. A. Benedek, M. J. S. Spencer, K. Latham and I. Yarovsky Chemical Physics Letters, 378 400-405